Yoga for Schools

Bala Shala school and camp programs have already been offered in Laguna Beach Unified School District at Tow of the World and El Morro Elementary School, Thurston Middle School, and Laguna Beach High School. In addition, Bala Shala has provided its programs at preschools, nurseries, school athletics programs, after school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and camps. Ranging from three year olds to teenagers, Bala Shala has developed kids yoga programs designed for every age group and can accommodate any and every type of student.

Bala Shala's kids yoga school programs include:

After-School Yoga Programs

After school, a professionally-trained Bala Shala Instructor arrives and teaches a weekly or daily after-school kid’s yoga class.

During the School Day Yoga Programs

At the school’s option, during the school day, a professionally-trained Bala Shala Instructor teaches a children's yoga class on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The Instructor uses the Bala Shala curriculum appropriate for the children’s relevant age group. Classes may be held as a separate class or incorporated as part of the physical education curriculum, arts program, lunch clubs or recess activity.

Yoga/ Mindfulness In The Classroom Programs

A professionally-trained Bala Shala Instructor comes into the classrooms as part of a grade's curriculum and leads 15 to 30 minute yoga sessions for each class. This program is easy since it does not require yoga mats or desk organization, and the Instructor can rotate from class to class while children remain in their classrooms.

Please contact us at: 949-293-5145 or for more information on incorporating Yoga into schools.