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Yoga Classes

The ages are welcome to be blurred, especially if siblings are involved. 
Please contact us with any questions. 

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Parent & Baby Yoga

Parent or caregiver and newborn to new walker.

A time for parents to nurture and be nurtured. Parent and baby yoga is about bonding with your baby and taking care of yourself at the same time. In this one hour class, you will be exercising on your own and with your baby. For mommies in particular, this parent and baby yoga will help to tighten your core, alleviate lower back pain, stretch and strengthen your body, reduce postpardum despression and anxieties -- all the while having fun with your baby! Daddies are always welcome! Nursing, feeding, bouncing, and baby cries are absolutely acceptable and a normal part of this class! 













Parent & Me Yoga

Parent or caregiver and strong walker to 3 years old.

Parent and toddler yoga is about bonding with your child and taking care of yourself at the same time. Come with your toddler to use your mind and body in fun and unique ways. We use music, games, art, and props to stretch, increase strength, improve flexibility, and gain body awareness. There are also special breathing techniques that are proven to help sleep and behavior. Laughter is included! 


Kid Yoga

A fun and creative kids’ yoga for children ages 4-8.


This one hour class aims to teach kids yoga in a fun and creative environment. This class is great for kids of all personality types and skill levels. Kids are introduced to mindfulness through themes, breath, and meditation.

We focus on developing attention span, patience, speech development, and positive social interaction with other children. They learn through developing postures using games, stories, partners, dance, group work and loads of laughter! It is wonderful for improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and an overall sense of well-being. This class can be an especially positive influence in the lives of children who are shy, anxious, or are not used to interacting with other children. We promise there is never a dull moment in this introductory kids’ yoga class! 

Big Kid Yoga

Kids ages 8-12.

This one hour class is great at teaching children important skills and lessons that they will carry with them through the rest of their lives. We focus on a having a non-competitive, safe, and fun environment where big kids can focus on physical fitness, building strength in developing bodies, social skills, and relaxation techniques by encouraging partner and group work as well as breathing, posture, meditation, and fun games.

These big kids will learn to incorporate the principals of yoga into their lives forever. With many of the same qualities of the kids’ yoga class, this class focuses a bit more on challenging yoga postures, mediation, breathing, and relaxation techniques that children can use at home, school or anywhere they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 

Teen Yoga

A fun and restorative class for teems ages 13-18.

This one hour class aims to teach teens more challenging yoga postures and a deeper practice as they are in their busy and sometimes stressful teenage years. Benefits of yoga for teens are vast: through posture, breathing, meditation, and games, students incorporate the principles of yoga in creative and successful ways that increase healthy body image, strength, and self esteem.

Yoga increases balance, flexibility, focus, and strength, promotes better posture and reduces stress. This class is especially good for teens involved in athletics as it givens them the chance to stretch, increase strength, and relax their body through meditation and relaxation techniques. This fun Vinyasa flow style class has fun, challenging postures introduced as well as some deep restorative work. 

This one hour family yoga class is a great way for the family to get some movement, bond, and have some fun while practicing yoga. Learn to check in and tune out together with breath and meditation. Find fun and unique way to get into to individual, group, and partner poses. All family yoga classes end with foot rubs and relaxation.  


Family Yoga

Have fun doing yoga with the whole family.








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